Season 6: The Eleven look forward to 2015

It is hard to imagine that the club is already embarking on the 6th season of our history. There have been highs and lows, many faces and roster changes, weddings, babies, jobs, and everything else you can imagine, and the spirit of BCS XI is just that, family.

This is a special club where joining means more than playing with a team. The members of this club are fiercely loyal, and always there for each other, on and off the field. There is a sense of pride and ownership that permeates club membership. "I founded the club and have been the sole President, but this club is bigger than me, or what I imagined" says Logan Wangsgard as he reflects on what the organization and it's members have meant to him over the past 6 years. He continues, "I couldn't do any of this without the support of these guys, and together we've done some great things. And I look forward to many more."

Thank you to those who have supported us so far, and we welcome those who are just finding the XI. We hope to see many more highs this 6th season, as we push for our 3rd promotion in hopes of making it to Division One next year. Check back for more info about the new faces joining the Eleven this year, and to see the progress of the long-time members.

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