The Eleven benefit from sunken Ironsides FC

Manager Steven Keppel had been toiling for years with Independiente FC but an inconsistent side led to poor results. Unhappy with the commitment of many players and the way things were going he decided to rebrand and rebuild under the name Ironsides FC. Steve considered joining BCS XI rather than begin this new project, but buoyed by some stalwart team members he gave it another go. Ironsides suffered a similar fate to the former squad. Despite some quality players things just couldn't come together; Ironsides was sunk.

In swoops BCS XI and picks up the manager and 2 of his top players. Goalkeeper Kirk Dragsbaek and midfield maestro Brian Thopsey.

The players have shown tremendous commitment in the off season with the futsal trainings and the Eleven expect to see big things of this trio in 2013.

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