BCS XI: 2 Ballers: 3 [2 June 2012]

Not quite inevitable, but clearly possible... BCS XI have a bitter pill to swallow with their first loss of the season. It's never easy to lose, but it's especially hard at home, and with fans looking on. The squad was a little thin, however BCS still had the personnel that should have gotten the win, but ultimately couldn't pull it off. The newest member of the XI Paul Fomenky did himself proud by finally getting on the score sheet netting both goals, and actually netting a third. Paul's first goal, very early in the first half hit the net among shouts from the home side for a penalty. Paul was being fouled, but managed to beat the keeper anyway but the penalty shouts turned celebrations were also cut short by a suspect offside call that disallowed the goal. A sign of things to come.

After starting brightly the XI allowed two goals from defensive miscues, but managed to pull one back before half time. Again BCS started strong and leveled the score in the second half. Paul was having a fun time show casing his foot skills and guile by taking on defenders and creating havoc in the attacking third. Despite his best efforts and various chances, it would be the visitors taking the points with a goal about 15 minutes from time coming again on a breakaway from a defensive error that left Dave with too much to do in goal. The final 15 saw BCS pushing for the equalizer but never managing to get it in. It was one of those days when it's just not happening. That should have been evident that things would not be going according to plan when the visiting team were showing up late, and again without their alternate colors. BCS was forced to lend their practice pinnies to the visitors to differentiate their red tops from the claret of the XI. The rainy, wet conditions emphasized what turned out to be a miserable day at Dilboy Stadium.

Perhaps the only other highlight besides Paul entering the Golden Boot race [for standings see tab in upper right column] was being featured yet again on one of the team's favorite new websites. Check out the work of the Soccer Watcher, Steve Bayley over at  Deep In The Pyramid. His sojourn in all levels of the US soccer pyramid make for extremely entertaining reads.

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