Annual BSSL Meeting

A cold night in Wellesley saw the Bay State Soccer League administrators and team managers meet up for all the important business for 2011. By-law changes were proposed and ratified. And the elections resulted with BCS XI Presdent Logan Wangsgard as the Division 2 director. Obviously the team will still be playing in Division 3, but the way the elections worked out the open position in Division 2 made more sense to fill. So, congratulations to Logan and best of luck with your new duties in helping the league run smoothly.

Another important event at the meeting was the McKenzie Cup draw. The XI will face off against the recently relegated [to Div3] Kendall Wanderers C team. Another interesting storyline could happen if BCS advances to the next round where they would be up against the Kendall A team, or more excitingly last year's cup opponent Carico FC. The possible rematch in the 2nd round may be complicated as Carico is currently struggling with internal issues and may not be returning to the league for 2011.

All in all the meeting was important and successful both for the league and the team, as BCS XI strengthened current ties and started new relationships with other team managers. All of this will help the club grow and prepare for the upcoming season through inter-squad practices and friendlies.

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