2010 BSSL Awards

Thanks to a strong finish BCS XI ended the year as Div 4 runner up and worthy of a bit of hardware from the league.

It appeared that we had the most support of any team at the event today, continuing to show how dedicated this group is; truly a top class organization.

The presentation itself got a bit of a slow start, and after applauding the MSSL trophy winners it was time for BSSL. Being the runners up of the bottom division we started things off. Our name was announced, the trophy was handed over with a handshake and that was about it. BSSL President Brendan Bartley continued in rapid fire succession through the rest of the divisions. Then after things were seemingly over Brendan went over to each of the division winners with the larger trophies which belong to the league and will have the names of the division winners engraved on them. It seemed a bit odd to just do this sort of after the fact instead of during the actual presentation; these are the large, more impressive trophies and they were treated more like an afterthought. For whatever reason Brendan seemed to be abandoned by the rest of the league leadership. There was definitely more of an event last year, but it was good to actually be recognized this year for our outstanding play.

The awards came during half-time of the Liverpool-West Ham game which was a bit of a disappointment for some, and some encouraging sights for others. Regardless of the Premier League result it was a good time for all involved hanging out together at the Lansdowne Pub.

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