Chimpo Dragons: 0 BCS XI: 0 [Sept 25, 2010]

We started out the match with a bit of a disadvantage—12 men on a hot and very humid day, and after Darren's hamstring injury, we were down to no subs for the last 75 minutes or so. We were missing 5 center midfielders or center backs, so a lot of people stepped into new positions. Even so, we moved the ball well and played with a lot of confidence, probably more confidence than our oppenents. Chimpo Dragons had a lot of speed and size, but they rarely challenged 1 on 1, so our defense was able to contain them, with a lot of key help from midfielders checking back. Talk between the back line and the midfielders was key in plugging holes and limiting the Dragons' chances to hard shots from outside the penalty area and one touch shots from long balls. Even so, they took some good shots, and we could easily have been playing down a goal or two without some spectacular saves by Dave.

On offense we played some good through balls and had some breakaways, but alas, their keeper was solid. He had some good saves, and did not make any mistakes that we could capitalize on, and the score was still 0-0 at the final whistle. Jan played in a new position and with a back injury, but you wouldn't have known it from the intensity he brought as a striker. Of course, we hoped to start our fall half better than 1-0-3 (W-L-T), but we played hard and kept going despite fatigue. Congratulations to Dave for a superb shutout, and kudos to the rest of the team as well for a great effort.

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