Commoners: 0 BCS XI: 1

Some match comments from players:

That was undoubtedly the most comprehensively gutsy display I've been a part of in a very long time for any team I've played on. I wasn't fully fit, we played a man down for a quarter of the game, we played at least 3 or 4 people out of their regular positions, AND we were without our starting keeper!
Obviously the odds were against us, but huddled together as a team, strategized, put aside our individual adversities, and played to win.
Under adversity, it's one thing to have a contingency plan, but effectively implementing that plan is an entirely different beast! It was our collective attitude that got us the win today. We were digging in for each other in a way that I hadn't seen before today, and when one person ran out of gas, another person hustled over to give a hand. Even under a five-minute spell of corner after corner when we were pinned in our own box, everyone was back defending and dividing the work - no one went to sleep today, despite being out of gas!
Towards the end of the game when things weren't going our way and I was starting to lose my head, I had multiple people call me out and get me to focus - thank you for the support!
It was only a 1-0 win, but a well-earned win against a strong team that worked us hard when they noticed our obvious challenges in numbers.
Great game to everyone today!


Watching it from the goal was quite impressive. Tons of ball movement and great passes under pressure. Great game overall.


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