D.C. Alliance: 2 BCS XI: 1

Last week’s loss was bad, this week’s… it’s hardly bearable. Losing two in a row is rough, losing at home is bad, and losing to a team that we’ve already beaten, that we know we should beat… surely we can find some positives here, right?

Things started off badly when we weren’t sure if we’d even have 11 guys to start the match. Joe left right before kickoff to pick up Owusu, who decided last minute that he would, in fact, play. Ben also showed up, after running an overnight race and helped fill in for guys when they needed a breather, we really appreciate his commitment and effort despite having such tired legs.

The whistle blew and we were on the back foot. They created a few chances and really pressed us for the first 5 minutes or so. We finally woke up and got our heads into the game and started to knock the ball around a bit and put it into their half. After a good spell Darren latched onto a ball just outside the 18 and put it in the back of the net, notching his first goal from the run of play for this season.

There were a couple of close chances from set plays before the end of the half where Logan couldn’t quite get enough on the header to put in on frame, though Darren’s delivery was inch perfect. Darren was involved again when he had a nearly identical header miss from Nathan’s corner kick.

The match was fraught with persistent fouling and one of the DCA guys finally got a red card. Taking us to the half up 1-0 and with a man advantage.

Apparently it isn’t really a man advantage since just like last game we struggled against 10 men. DCA got an equalizer then about 5 minutes from time Owusu brought down their winger in the box for a clear penalty. They’d been battling all game and before the penalty contact their man had been hacking at his ankles [enough to force him out for the rest of the game]. The penalty was well taken and they celebrated being up 2-1 with such little time to go. It proved to be too much and we walked away with our head’s in our hands.

Darren left for the airport at halftime and was dismayed to hear the final result, though I guess the positives to take away might be that this might have been the most dangerous we’ve looked from set plays all season...

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