Friendly vs Boston Futebol Clube

Things were a bit hectic with the rescheduling for rain delays and moving to a Wednesday night, then traffic was bad, some guys who said they were coming didn't show etc. But the weather was nice, our opposition was pleasant and we got to play some soccer, what could be better?

Winning. Winning would have been better, but we had a lot of people playing together for the first time and a lot of people in strange positions. We played well enough and we accomplished a couple of our main goals which were to get more touches on the ball, especially playing in a full 11, but also to see some of our prospective players take the field and see how they fit in.

Because of our needs we are still evaluating a few guys to make sure that we are strengthening the areas that need strength and not just adding decent players in overloaded positions. We want to make sure that we have a strong 11 on the field, and strong subs to come in and contribute.

It was a fun night, and we thank Boston FC of NELASA one more time for taking care of the field and helping organize the event, they were gentlemen and it was good to play them; and hopefully we'll get to do it again some time.

We now have a better idea of some things we'll need to do this Saturday for our Season Opener against DC Alliance at 1pm in Dorchester at Pope John Paul Park. Come join us for the action!

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