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At least it's an away point and we're still unbeaten. This was a draw that feels more like a loss.

It was a beautiful sunny day down in Quincy and though it didn't look so bad at first the pitch caused us problems for most of the game. The grass and dandelions were long enough to conceal just how bumpy the ground was, so it wasn't as bad as Danehy, but it was still a bit hectic with the ball taking strange bounces. The other issue was the size; it looked more appropriate for under-12 teams because it was so short. It was maybe 3/4 of the length of our home ground at Dilboy.

The length of the pitch meant that our midfield was forced to play compact and with neither of our center mids used to playing that position we started the game off quite messy and disorganized. After 20 minutes or so we finally started to pull things together and began to play more like the XI we know.

There was a lot of back and forth in the game, not a lot of clean passing [due to the pitch] and so it was tight and began to get pretty nervy; though not many real chances were created by either side. We went into the half glad that we hadn't conceded, but disappointed that we hadn't put one in.

We came out feeling better and it showed. We dominated the play resulting with a much deserved goal coming from our Ghanaian connection. Owusu made one of his driving runs and sent Joe a slotted pass who got there before the keeper and took a tough shot; the keeper got something on it, but Owusu had continued his run and was there to knock in the rebound.

There was a still a bit of back and forth in the second half though much more of the time was spent in the opposition half with a few more shots and some good runs.

The match ended in a bit of controversy as we might have expected based on the terrible performance of our center ref all game. In the 89th minute he awarded TST penalty kick. The foul took place about the 87th minute and he took plenty of time not being clear on the call, then consulting with the other team to finally come to his decision. At first it seemed he made the call in our favor, then he seemed to be setting up an indirect kick on the 6-yard, and I couldn't understand what call he'd made. Then he finally goes to the spot. Unreal! Even more insane is that in the 2nd minute of the game their defender made a clear handball inside the box and the ref made the call, but said it was just outside. I can understand a ref not wanting to make such a big decision that early in the game, but to then turn around and do it at the end... simply unbelievable; especially since ours was a an absolutely clear call inside the box, whereas this one obviously wasn't. If it's a penalty blow the whistle and point to the spot, end of story.

The referee had been making ridiculous calls all game. Their defender heads the ball out of bounds inside our box, but then goes down. So, either it's a goal kick or a penalty... nope, corner kick. Huh? Owusu gets taken down inside their penalty area, but maybe the defender got the ball. Penatly, or clean challenge... nope, drop ball. Wha? It was like this all game. We were getting hammered on and off the ball. Most of the calls and non-calls did not go our way, but there were also ones for the other team as well. Just poor officiating. All the more reason to work hard for promotion boys! Good hard work by Steve Houdlette and Brad Rawson who both did well to make sure we didn't concede goals from open play.

It was a tough match, but a point is a point and it's better than a loss. We'll take that as we head back to Dilboy next week for a battle with Chimpo as we attempt to slay the Dragons.

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