Yearly League Meeting and Team News

As you can tell from the table posted below there will be a few new teams in Division 4. As of the BSSL league meeting on Feb. 16 it was unclear exactly how many new teams there would be and what that means for the season schedule, of which we are still waiting.

The meeting started out fairly well, but after the 1st hour things really began to get bogged down and all the managers were looking to get out of the Wellesley Community Center basement. However, overall it was an informative meeting, especially for us as a new club. Entering our second year in the league there is still a lot for us to learn and it's good to be there with the league administrators and other managers. Who knows, maybe people from our team will be getting involved at the league level in the future.

We did have some positives come out of the meeting including getting to know some other team managers a little better and look forward to playing with Gunners and also the decent guys we sat next to from Groton House.

Joe and Mike and I left the meeting feeling really excited for the upcoming season and barely able to believe that the first kick is so close.

We lost a few players during the off season for various reasons including guys moving out of the country or needing to focus more on PhD's or family etc. We'll miss the guys who aren't coming back and hope we can fill the empty spots with not only good players but really stand up guys like we've always had. BCS XI has always been a group of fun and nice guys and that is something we plan on continuing.

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