BCS XI: 2 Chimpo Dragons: 2

We knew coming into this game is was going to be a battle. Last time we met, Chimpo was top of the league and we were up 2-0 at the half, then ended up conceding late goals to lose the game. We did not want that to happen again.

Much like most of our games we conceded a sloppy early goal that just made us all mad. Darren was away for this game, and not having that strong presence as our holding center mid really affects the way we play. To top things off Mark was having quite the off day and managed to miss a few sitters; something about this "field" just gets under his skin.

After a lot of back and forth and some very physical play we managed to have a quick one two down the right side after a thrown in that saw Joe send in a beautiful cross to an on-running Jan who sent a flying header across goal, past the keeper and into the back of the net!

More physical play continued, including some nasty, intentional stuff on the side of the opponents. They also didn't stop mouthing off and it finally cost them when one of their whiners got booked for decent after a particularly nasty, studs up challenge took Logan's ankle out.

No matter, we had them on the counter attack, Will sent a beautiful ball over to Mark who looked poised to break his curse on this pitch, but wisely laid it off back to Will who had a simple finish for his first goal of the season. XI up 2-1 with only a few minutes to go, and this one looked to be finished.

However, they managed to push a little more and got a man down the right flank sending in a cross. Tom stayed on his line in goal, but Logan got in front of the man and had an unlucky mis-kick which made the ball land practically on the foot of the attacker who had no trouble putting it in the net to equalize. Shortly after that the final whistle blew and despite coming from behind we felt hard done by not picking up all 3 points. Though, as we all know a draw is better than a loss, so we had to take what we were given.

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