This make up game against BKFC had all the drama you could ask for in a derby match. These East Cambridge clubs know each other well, and gave us quite the spectacle with more than a few talking points. Penalty kicks, red cards, this game had it all.

Neither side seemed to be playing particularly at their best and both squandered opportunities, though BCS XI definitely let some easy ones slip away. We did finally manage to sneak the ball in through the keepers hands on a low driven free kick from just outside the 18 yard box. Jan lined up in the wall and helped open up space for Darren to send the ball through the mess of bodies and across the line for his first goal of the season.

Our next goal came from Mark putting one in from the penalty spot. BKFC made some poor challenges inside the box, and this particular one left us with an opportunity to double our lead.

The third goal came in similar fashion as Joe was taken down hard when he looked certain to score. It's amazing this didn't produce the first red card of the match, and the player got off easy with a yellow. Once again Mark steps to the spot for his second penalty kick of the match, would he go the same direction, would it matter? With ice in his veins he tucks away the final goal of the match. He looked to grab another 1 or 2 during the run of play, but once again Danehy Field 3 does him no favors and he has to settle for a couple of "gimmes" on this day.

After a spell or two of pressure from the Korean side things really started to heat up. A player had been hassling Ye all game long and this finally came to a head when multiple BKFC players surrounded Ye and were yelling and shoving when some of the XI stepped in to break things up. The ceter ref sure should have stopped things sooner, but despite the BCS captain trying to get the ref to do something it took the linesman waving his flag to finally get the referee beginning to sort things out. Unfortunately the linesman also thought he saw Rich punch one of the Koreans in the back, which honest, gentelmen Richard William Naylor PhD would never do. So, the referee flashes red to Rich and one of theirs and the full time whistle blows just minutes later.

We left the match with a bad taste in our mouths, and the decision to book Rich really did a number on us for the match to come. Derby day in Cambridge saw a lot of tempers and a handful of goals, it was an exciting match, though probably not the prettiest.

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