FC Cobra: 1 BCS XI: 2

The weather forecast did not look good for our match against FC Cobra, but we were optimistic. With our normal pitch (dirt field 1) submerged in a few inches of water, we tried our luck on the artificial turf field at Danehy. We were skeptical that even our refs would show, and it proved to be insightful as only the head referee made an appearance.

We got underway with some strong possession and great control of the game, moving the ball nicely through the middle of the field. Our dominance subsided in the latter part of the first half, with our communication and passing breaking down. Despite our weakened play, Rich made a masterful run up the right side and fired the ball toward the goal which deflected to the feet of Armand who deftly managed to put one in the back of the net before half.

The second half showed a more balanced Cobra, as our attacking instincts subsided. Even with our defensive mindset, we managed to control the majority of the half, and padded our lead with a second goal. Mark managed to hit the post in the first half with what looked to be a perfect shot, and had a number of chances, but this time he got it in from a beautiful pass from Joe. The final seconds saw Cobra's improved attack result in a defensive error, bringing it to a 2-1 goal from the left side, but proved to be too little, too late. A great win to keep our unbeaten run in the second half of the season.

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