BCS XI: 2 Commoners: 1

An early game out in Marlboro. Unfortunately a few members of the team decided drinking too much too late at night was more important than a game against the worst team in the league that just happened to beat us last time out; a game that I wanted to not just win but destroy the opposition.

A rainy night gave way to somewhat clear but soggy morning, luckily the pitch was artificial. It was also a short one and we play better with more space. The game started and we looked terrible, like we'd never played together before. Even with Commoners scoring first it took us a while to wake up and get going.

There was some yelling and frustration during the first half but it was the half time talk that was really severe. We were all honest and knew we were playing extremely poorly. We discussed what we needed to do and in the second half we actually did it. We came out playing more together and more as a team.

About 10-20 minutes into the half we got a couple of goals in quick succession. Mark finally put away one of his many chances, and he also set up the second by taking a quick corner catching everyone on the field off guard except for Joe who managed to blast a shot across goal, past the keeper and in the top corner.

The rest of the game we looked the more likely to score again, though they still had some chances as well. It was definitely a hard fought game, and Mike Gove picked up an injury from rough collision right in front of goal in some strong defending, though this left him out for the rest of the season. It wasn't pretty but it was a win. It felt good to come back from a goal down and grind out the result. [though I would have felt better scoring double digits and not conceding any as I was really hoping!]

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