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The US Open Cup final 2009 with new MLS side facing off against MLS veterans and 5 time Open Cup champs looking to defend last year's trophy, DC United.

For those unfamiliar, the US Open Cup is like England's FA Cup and is the oldest and longest running sports tournament in the country. It doesn't get enough press, but is a really unique tournament in the US landscape and has a lot of potential for interesting plot lines for the media to cover.

Say what you want about the quality of soccer in US, but it's tournaments like this one that have the ability to peak the interest of a broader audience, if it would only be presented as such, and taken seriously by the MLS teams involved. It seems to be happening a little more now, clearly DC takes it more seriously than some, and they really wanted to repeat, but Seattle was really pushing for some hardware in their first MLS season.

This was a hard fought game and thoroughly entertaining. It was end to end with some decent football played and some intriguing controversy with DC keeper Wicks stomping on Montero right after scoring the opener. Nobody likes to see red cards in a match, especially a final, but this one was clear and deserved. The Seattle 2-1 win goes down as one of the best Open Cup finals in recent history.

History is one thing this cup has; and one of the best teams to win the trophy multiple times in the early years was the Fall River Marksmen. They were just down in Southern Mass and were a very successful club in the early 20th Century. The other thing that makes this tournament so interesting and especially for this club is that BCS XI is technically eligible to play in it. Let's be honest we're nowhere near that level now, but our league is affiliated with USASA and that's how the amateur teams get into qualifying. Let's support our team in Region 1 as things get going.

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