We were excited heading into this match with our friends and rivals BKFC. Though we got the better of them during a pre-season friendly, they were definitely the better side when it counted.

XI looked tired and off our game most of the first half. We didn't play terribly, but just not very well. They punished us with their chances and went up 3-0 by half time. We failed to do what we had said we needed to do to beat them, close them down, pressure them and play tight 1v1. They used their speed, and some better spacing to get some crucial passes in past our defense.

We started the 2nd half with a fire in our boots and got a quick goal with some beautiful play from Joe and Armand, including Gottlieb's 2nd goal of the season, a gorgeous finish from Joe's cross.

Despite a lot of pressure we couldn't get another goal to continue our comeback [except for the one that was disallowed]. We even should have had a penalty kick, but somehow were given an indirect kick on the side of the 6-yard box when Sam was pulled down. This kick was taken very quickly but didn't manage to get in the back of the net. Other than these 2 very bizarre calls we had the best officiating of the entire season for this game, which was a welcomed change.

It was a frustrating game, and we felt we deserved more, but didn't play well enough to get more. The score line was a bit padded, but BKFC played well; hat's off to them. We'll do our best to return the favor in our next meeting on the 29th of August.

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