BCS XI: 1 OHP Gunners: 2

The match began with a touch of solemnity. At the request of the league we observed a minute of silence. According to the BSSL site: "It is with tremendous sadness that BSSL reports the untimely death of Ucal McKenzie, who suffered a heart attack during Carico FC's game on Saturday, May 30th." Ucal coached at Newton High and a local boys team Valeo. He seemed a good man and it's a shame he died so young.

After the minute of silence the game kicked off on what can only be described as a dirt patch. This "field" at Danehy Park is even worse than the others we've played on there and it's a wonder more people haven't injured themselves just based on the poor condition of the surface. It caused multiple people on both teams to miss the ball completely when trying to kick. It was surely not the cause but the field did not help with our timid play.

Like with all our games there were moments of brilliance, and others of shockingly poor quality. But, we do what we can and hope for the best. Gunners went up a goal from a free kick that was shot low on the ground just past the wall. Nathan swung his leg valiantly but to no avail; Tom too gave his best effort, but came up short and the ball went in. We were dismayed but felt we could get back into the game. Then with about 10 minutes left in the half Gunners managed a bit of a breakaway down the flank and sent a rocket shot to the far post across the face of goal and into the net. Our high light of the half was Joe taking a crack at goal from about 10 yards in from midfield and seeing the ball smash the crossbar and visibly shake it.

Despite things going the way they were we knew that the game wasn't totally beyond our reach. Early on in the second half we created more chances. A couple of shots went just wide, or didn't quite have enough pace, but finally Joe managed to shorten the gap to only 1 point sending the ball straight past the keeper with a very clean finish, after some decent build up play. We sent a few more balls over the top and allowed the forwards to run onto them and it looked like we might get on level terms, but in the end we couldn't claw our way back.

It would have been nice to have a more consistant referee. He seemed to let things slide, then call the nit-picky. It was particularly bad when he stopped the game to lecture a Gunner on his shinguards being too small.

We showed character, and markedly imporved in the second half. This game really seems to have galvanized the team and there has been a lot of good communication about ways to improve. This is a great team with a lot of heart. It's becoming more evident that we all care about how the team does and we're taking ownership of making that happen.

The next two games look to be challenging, but we're going with our heads held high.

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