Pick-Up Scrimmage vs TCSR Academy

Memorial Day weekend, and not too many of us around. But a handful of the XI along with some friends from FC Independence [Div. 3] and the Gunners teams we played against a select youth academy that was gearing up for a tournament in France the following week.

Ramo, the founder of TCSR got in contact with Patrick, the president of the 3 Gunners teams and organized a scrimmage. We were shooting for a pick-up game the same time and place and had invited the Gunners to join us but Patrick informed me of the scenario, and it worked out that we all got to play, and on the nice field turf at MIT.

It was a beautiful day and a really fun game. The under 18's played extremely organized and had some wicked fast players. Despite many of us never having played together we shut them out during the first half and even managed to go up 1-0.

The second half saw the Academy team no longer playing only 2 touches and started taking more shots on goal from distance. Tom made some excellent saves to keep our lead until about 10 minutes left to go in the game a low ball came from outside the 18-yard box into a crowd, cutting down Tom's reaction time and making it too dificult for him to get low on the ball; and the game ended 1-1.

The boys were all good sports, played hard and well and we wish them luck overseas and with any future games.

You can see more pictures of the match here.

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