Commoners: 2 BCS XI: 1

It was a gorgeous day at Dilboy Stadium, but the home side could not repeat the magic from their previous game at home, and instead repeated the poor play from our last time out.

Hoping to get past our frustrating loss BCS XI came out strong, but were shocked to give up and early goal and the rest of the half was hard fought. The referee seemed to let a lot of things go though occasionally making a bizarre call on seemingly non-existent fouls.

There was some good link up play as XI sometimes found a rhythm though it never seemed to last. Though our spirits were lifted right at the end of the 1st half when Joe sent in a corner kick on the ground across the face of goal that somehow made it through the mob unscathed until meeting the boot of Armand who gracefully blasted the ball into the top, far-post corner. From such a tight angle there was no way the keeper could get to it, and we went into the break elated.

Our fortune was not to last. Once again we created a few chances, and let them have as many. Our midfield was stretched and the pressure on the back was mounting. We managed a handful of through balls and breakaways but most of the time, as with the whole game our first touches seemed to let us down.

The second half ended much like the first though with the visitors feeling joy as they steal away the full 3 points. In the final minute of the game a free kick was given just outside the corner of the 18. The Commoner stepped up and struck the ball beautifully and in much the same way sent the ball into the top, far-post corner, though from a much less impressive angle. The ball went in, our hearts dropped and the whistle blew.

It will definitely be nice to have Stephen back from India and Darren healed up to provide that much needed organization and stability in the center of the backfield. Maybe this is all that was lacking in our last two games, but we had enough players to cover that this should not be an excuse. We vow to play better, and look forward with a hopeful eye to this coming weekend where we meet our local rivals and friends OHP Gunners. Our last meeting, a pre-season friendly, saw us getting trounced6-1 [or worse] though something tells me we'll be a bit hungrier this go around.

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