Home Opener, Independiente: 2 BCS XI: 0

After a hard fought battle and some poor luck, we lost our first game played 2-0 to Independiente FC. The pitch was rocky, hard and uneven, but as we got a little bit of rain it help soften things up a little.

There was a dodgy penalty in the first half resulting in a 1-0 advantage for the opposition after the PK. The goal came against the run of play, but we let them back into it a little. We picked our heads back up and really took it to them in the second half. We pressured them and played most of the half on their side of the field. A couple of defensive errors, from poor organization, positioning and communication allowed another goal against the run of play when neither of our 2 challenging defenders came up with the ball and it fell to the feet of the IFC striker who made a really good cross goal shot against Tom who couldn't do much in that 1v1 circumstance.

BCS played well, especially the 2nd half and I can't help thinking that if we wouldn't gotten to play last week [and perhaps gotten our previous result against BKFC] we might have come into this game with more confidence and more experience as a team; all of which could have meant a different result. But, it is what it is and we know we need to work on finishing our chances.

Hopefully things will go better this Saturday with our first away match up in Lynn against FC International who currently prop up the division table.

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