Maybe a chance...

We're holding out hope that we can pull everything together for a run at the league. Tom and I are attending a mandatory meeting Monday the 2nd [Groundhog Day] to find out more and meet some league members, including the President.

We still need a field, so if you have leads, let me know.
Our roster needs to be filled to 18 and right now we're at 5 confirmed 7-8 likely and hoping to hear back from a dozen others asap. And there's the matter of the $1,000 non-refundable payment for various league fees all due by the mid-end of Feb.

-semi-team news, a few team members including me will be playing on a small indoor team starting on the 12th in Woburn under the moniker FC Alewife. I've posted a calendar of our matches and will maybe post results on here. I'll do something similar for the BSSL matches, so this is a decent practice run.

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