BSSL annual league meeting

Tonight Tom and I attended the BSSL meeting at The Green Briar. It was definitely time well spent. We learned a bit more about the league, got to meet Cesar the league President. We met a great guy, James Park who's looking to get his team into the league. Since we each only have about 10 guys committed we talked about combining our efforts. It looks like it could be a great collaboration for a team. James mentioned their work on securing a field, and we talked about some of our other organization, including exploring a sponsorship by The Asgard Pub in Central Sq. Speaking of which, Tom and I made a stop there on the way back from the meeting and will be submitting a proposal to them tomorrow.

I also got a price quote on uniforms today and we're looking into getting home and away kits for 20-25 guys. It's looking like it'll be around $1500-$2000 for that. If anyone has a hookup with uniform providers, let me know.

It really looks like things are coming together, and I'm pretty optimistic that we'll be able to get our info back to the league in 2 weeks at the absolute latest.

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