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In the last post I mentioned Dilboy field in Somerville being a possible home field; unfortunately it looks like it's less available than we'd need. However, Tom found one in Medford worth looking in to, and I got an email response from the league commisioner with a field in the Watertown/Waltham area that's available for an 8am spot. It's a pretty cheap field, but we'd have to supply nets and line the field for each game...not that bad. I haven't seen it, but sounds like it might be a winner [since there are such few options].

We've had even more response from the craigslist ads and it's looking like we won't haven too much trouble coming up with a full squad before the Jan. 1 deadline.

One of the next priorities is figuring out the financial situation and seeing how much this is going to cost each of us, and how much we'll be able to get out of a sponsor or two. If any of you have affiliations with bars/pubs or anyone else that might sponsor a team let me know.

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