Past Results

Spring 2010
Fall 2010
Spring 2009
Fall 2009

Spring 2013
1Analog42BCS XI[Match Report]
2BCS XI42Kendall Wanderers B[DITP Post]
cupHolliston42BCS XI[]
3BCS XI11Boston Gunners[]
4BCS XI12Harvard Medical[]
5Mass United FC10BCS XI[Match Report]
6BCS XI--Holliston[]
7Milford Lusitanos FC--BCS XI[]
8BCS XI--Cambridge Arsenal FC[]
9Union Brew House

Fall 2013
10BCS XI--Mass United FC[]
11Holliston--BCS XI[]
12BCS XI--Milford Lusitanos FC[]
13Cambridge Arsenal FC--BCS XI[]
14BCS XI--Union Brew house[]
15BCS XI--Analog[]
16Kendall Wanderers B--BCS XI[]
17Boston Gunners--BCS XI[]
18Harvard Medical--BCS XI[]

Spring 2012
1Commoners 08 BCS XI[Match Report]
2BCS XI30OHP Gunners[Match Report]
cupKendall C02BCS XI[First round of McKenzie Cup]
3BCS XI40Coastal United[Match Report]
4Marcou Marauders03BCS XI[Match Report]
cupBCS XI32Analog[Second round of McKenzie Cup]
5BCS XI23Ballers[Match Report]
6Inter Boston FC06BCS XI[Match Report]
7BCS XI21Acapulco FC[Match Report-coming soon
8The Druids
0BCS XI Postponed to 18 July 8pm
9BCS XI51FC Sporting[Match Report-coming soon
10CA Marlborough03BCS XI[Match Report] -coming soon
cupBCS XI54Cambridge Arsenal[Match Report
11BCS XI52Holliston[Match Report

Fall 2012
12Kendall C04BCS XI[Match Report] -coming soon
13BCS XI50Commoners[Match Report] -coming soon
14BCS XI40Ironsides FC[Match Report] -coming soon
15Coastal United13BCS XI[Match Report] -coming soon
16BCS XI21Marcou Marauders[Match Report] -coming soon
17 Ballers02BCS XI[Match Report]
cupKendall A 10BCS XISemifinal of McKenzie Cup Oct. 10
18BCS XI15Inter Boston FC
19Acapulco FC00BCS XI

playoffOHP Gunners02BCS XI[Match Report]
playoffBCS XI20OHP Gunners


Spring 2010
1D.C. Alliance12BCS XI
2BCS XI30Commoners
3Top Star Tickets11BCS XI
4BCS XI20Chimpo Dragons FC
cupCarico FC31BCS XI[First round of McKenzie Cup]
5The Druids31BCS XI
6BCS XI12D.C. Alliance
7Commoners01BCS XI
8BCS XI70Top Star Tickets[played on Jul. 10]
9Chimpo Dragons FC01BCS XI
10BCS XI14The Druids
Fall 2010
11BCS XI11D.C. Alliance[played on Sep. 14]
12Commoners11BCS XI
13BCS XI51Top Star Tickets
14Chimpo Dragons FC00BCS XI
15BCS XI21The Druids
16D.C. Alliance14BCS XI
17BCS XI30Commoners
18Top Star Tickets05BCS XI
19BCS XI32Chimpo Dragons FC
20The Druids24BCS XI[played on Nov. 13]

Spring 2009
1BKFC41BCS XI[played on Jul. 11]
2BCS XI02Independiente FC
3FC International17BCS XI
4BCS XI20Essex County FC
5FC Cobra30BCS XI
6BCS XI12Commoners
7OHP Gunners21BCS XI
8Ballers FC12BCS XI
9BCS XI24Chimpo Dragons FC
Fall 2009
10BCS XI30BKFC[played on Nov. 7]
11Independiente FC22BCS XI
12BYE--BYE[FC International left the league]
13BYE--BYE[Essex County FC left the league]
14BCS XI21FC Cobra
15Commoners12BCS XI
16BCS XI01OHP Gunners
17BCS XI15Ballers FC[played on Nov. 14]
18BCS XI22Chimpo Dragons FC

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