Past Man of the Match Winners


Fixture 1

F. Taylor
Fixture 2

A. Palencia
1st Round Cup

B. Rawson
Fixture 3

F. Taylor


Week 1: Adam Palencia
Week 2: Sam McKenney
Week 3: Brad Rawson
Week 4: Andy Vesper
Week 7: Steve Irwin
Week 8: Darren Johnson
Week 13: Stu Leon
Week 15: Joe Adu
Week 16: Ian Pasek
Week 18: Andy Vesper


Week 3: Joe Adu
Week 4: Stephen Houdlette [entire back line]
Week 8: Sam McKenney [filling in as keeper]
Week 11: Mark Nolan
Week 14: Richard Naylor
Week 15: Jan Falkowski

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